JS Sales Company was founded in April, 2010 by company owner Josh Strasheim. We are a full service auction company that specializes in live auctions. Our experience, product knowledge, and attention to detail, is what sets us apart from other auction companies. We work harder than anyone else to provide you with the best service in the industry!

     In our fifth year of operations, JS Sales Company is quickly becoming one of the best auction companies in the North West. Although we may be a young company, Josh is no stranger to the auction business. A third generation auctioneer, Josh has spent a lifetime in the auction business. The Strasheim family has been conducting auctions for over 40 years. Josh grew up watching and learning the auction business and at the age of 8 he sold his first live auction.

     The Strasheim family owned and operated three livestock auctions in Western Oregon during the late 70's, 80's, and 90's. They also owned PacWest Auction company and conducted equipment auctions, farm auctions, and liquidations. Honesty, integrity, and hard work are the reasons the Strasheim family has had success in the auction business and Josh has taken those values and used them as a foundation in building JS Sales Company.

     Although the rest of the Strasheim family are no longer in the auction business, you will still find them on auction day helping Josh auctioneer. The auction business has been a way of life for the Strasheim's.  Now at age 39, Josh has built a reputation as one of the best auctioneers in the business.

If you are thinking of selling, give us a call so we can discuss what JS Sales Company can do for you!